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Versions 4.0 below will not be here. They can be found on the Technic WebsiteChangelog

Latest: v4.3



  • Swing Through Grass
  • Admin Shops
  • Inspirations
  • More detailed log

  • Updated:

  • *Actually Additions *Akashic Tome *Apple Core *AromaCore & Backup *AutoRegLib *Better Builder's Wands *Biomes O' Plenty *Blood Magic *Bookshelf *Botania *Brandons Core *BuildingGadgets *CTM - Connected Textures Mod *ChanceCubes *Chisel *Chisel and Bits *Clumps *CoFHCore *CoFHWorld *CCL - CodeChickenLib *Cooking For Blockheads *CraftStudioAPI *Cucumber *Good Ol' Currency *CustomMainMenu */Dank/Null/ *Dark Utils *Decocraft 2 *Draconic Evolution *Elec Core *EnderCore *EnderIO *Ender Storage +1.8 *ExtremeReactors *Shadow Fact's ForgeLin *Galacticraft mods *GLASS? *GuideAPI *Skiped 2 bc of lazyiness* *ImmersiveEngineering *IndustrialForegoing *IntegrationForegoing *JEI *JustEnoughResources *Mantle *MicDoodleCore *Mob Grinding Utils *Morph *Morph-O-Tool *Morpheus *MouseTweaks *Mystical Agriculture *OpenBlocks *OpenModsLib *OptiFine>E3 *OreExcavtion *PTRLib *Pam's Harvestcraft *Quark *RebornCore *Redstone Flux *Storage Drawers *Tinkers' Construct *Thaumcraft * All Thermal Mods *TinkerToolLeveling *Wawla *Waystones *WirelessCraftingTerminal This is what happens when you dont use Captials *Animania *Applied Energistics2 *Bad Wither No Cookie Reloaded *Ultimate Car Mod *Deep Resonance *Enviromental Tech *Extra Utilities *Flat Colored Blocks *Foam Fix (Standard no law or ancarchy) *Forestry *Furniture *Gravestone *Hatchery *iChunUtil *Journey Map *Malisis Core *Mee Creeps *Modular Routers *Monk Mod *Natura *Not Enough Wands *OpenModularLib *OpenModularPassiveDefense *OpenModularTurrets *Refined Storage *Refined Storage Addons * Rftools mods *Torch Master *Twilight Forest *Valkyrie Lib *Xnet *Zero Core *mcjtylib *p455w0rdslib *tinyprogressions *Oh and don't forget Mr. Crayfish's Furniture Mod

  • Removed:

  • Buildcraft and I think its lib and some other mods I don't remember
  • v4.1.3

  • Did not fix the issue with the pech. Removed hats on mobs for now.
  • Let's hope this fixes everything.

  • v4.1.2

  • Updated 5 mods
  • Disabled hats (from hats mod) spawning on animals, due to a crash with the pech (From thaumcraft).
  • Finally think I removed optifine...
  • v4.1.1

  • Fixed the crashing on startup. Removed optifine for now....

  • v4.1

  • Updated 40+ mods.
  • Addes 6 new mods (monk, Dire's building gadgets, Nature's compass.)
  • Added Mouse tweaks, and clumps.

  • v4.0

  • 99% Rebranded.
  • Mostly configured config!
  • New music!
  • New custom main menu!
  • All the mods got updated!
  • New mods like...
  • Project red mods
  • Computer craft
  • Open Blocks

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