Wohlf_pack: Versions (Logs)



Versions 4.0 below will not be here. They can be found on the Technic Website>Changelog

Latest: v4.1.3


  • Did not fix the issue with the pech. Removed hats on mobs for now.
  • Let's hope this fixes everything.

  • v4.1.2

  • Updated 5 mods
  • Disabled hats (from hats mod) spawning on animals, due to a crash with the pech (From thaumcraft).
  • Finally think I removed optifine...
  • v4.1.1

  • Fixed the crashing on startup. Removed optifine for now....

  • v4.1

  • Updated 40+ mods.
  • Addes 6 new mods (monk, Dire's building gadgets, Nature's compass.)
  • Added Mouse tweaks, and clumps.

  • v4.0

  • 99% Rebranded.
  • Mostly configured config!
  • New music!
  • New custom main menu!
  • All the mods got updated!
  • New mods like...
  • Project red mods
  • Computer craft
  • Open Blocks

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